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Humanity is in serious trouble. Humans are trapped in a vortex of conflicting ways to live their lives, and there has been no clear direction on how they might live more abundantly. The media are dominated by misinformation to the smallest detail. That is because their motivations are based on faulty assumptions of meaningful value.

Power, money, and possessions are great corrupters of human motivations as they distract people from living their daily lives more abundantly. Wanting those over-valued things is associated with stress and fear of not having them, or if they are acquired with the stress of losing them. Thus, trying to get them, or having them or fear of losing them causes pain and pulls the person away from tranquility in their personal living moment and contentment with the matrix of the world they live within.

What will move you toward greater tranquility and contentment is being kind to other people. Those actions are directed toward helping them live more contentedly. Observe those around you and help them to see and do what will help them, and what will help them the most is for them to help other people live more contentedly.

When you are feeling good, look around and observe your options, and among those options, there may be an opportunity to help some other person help another person. Doing these second person thoughts and motivations will greatly increase your own powers to help yourself. They will give you the ability to become mature, and with that to become tranquil and content.

Do unto others a kindness that will help them to be kind to others.