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The three pictures below were created for a public display on the subject of paper, but they didn’t fit in with what the judges were looking for and were rejected. I liked them so here they are for my friends on the web.

Picasso's name on a blank paper.

Homage to Picasso and his signature on a blank sheet.

A photograph of a framed roll of toilet paper.

Homage to Duchamp and his famous urinal sculpture.

A photograph of a photograph in halftone in bar-code.

Homage to Andy Warhol

For people with a background in 20th-century art these pictures don’t need any commentary, but for those people without that experience any commentary would seem inane.

Duchamp, Warhol and Charles Scamahorn

Duchamp, Warhol and Me in Dudley’s bookstore, Bend, Oregon

None of the people who discussed these pictures with me found them offensive.