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You can’t raise positive people on negative feedback, said Gerald Jampolsky. I made note of that quote but would add that negative feedback about facts is good because it gives you the opportunity for correcting your behavior. However, positive feedback on efforts and goals gives encouragement and raises you to a higher level of personally directed effort and probable success.

On the emotional growth chart a chronic attitude of pessimism will send you down to the bottom and keep you there. Pessimism will stick you into a painful mind-set that is difficult to escape. Pessimism is a frame of mind that impedes growth and drags you back towards lower states of being whenever you attempt to become more positive. It’s when you are in an optimistic state that you can explore other kinds of ideas and find better ways of doing things.

Intentional optimism is the way to greater maturity because it gives the opportunity to explore, whereas pessimism prevents exploration and seeks an impossible state of permanent security. Humans mature naturally from pre-speaking infants to children to adolescents and on to adults. Most people follow that path, and many adult-minded people grow into a more mature mode where their primary motivations are to care for their community, beyond their immediate family. Some grow beyond maturity to a sage level where they work to help all humanity reach higher maturity levels for themselves. With the advent of modern technology there now comes the possibility of helping the entire Universe to become a self-actualizing being, and those pursuing that goal can be called Ouroras..

The point is that both negative and positive feedback from physical reality are helpful for one’s relationship with the world, but negative feedback from other people about one’s goals, one’s attitude, one’s personality, and other motivational things inhibits growth and makes one retreat into a more infantile state. An adult driven to desperation and into despair and pessimism will tend to retreat back into adolescent behavior where they have experience with personal success.

So what have I learned that will help me to be more successful? An optimist keeps his eye on the donut, but the pessimist can only see the empty hole. The pessimist and the optimist are both right from their point of view, and there is an empty hole, but who is going to be more productive, happier and healthier by any measure, the optimist or the pessimist?

Intentionally get into an optimistic attitude when you approach a new situation.