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Last week I posted Moving our sentient life into the Universe, and it seemed a long way off because making mechanical life components appeared to require full-size human factories and a massive infrastructure to create the components. Today, a new method of making computer components was announced in Science Daily, linking to Nature Chemistry on April 4, 2016. Using an unmentioned technique, but it appeared to be CRISPR, … “‘In summary, we have constructed a molecular rectifier by intercalating specific, small molecules into designed DNA strands,’ explains Prof. Xu.”

That is a shorthand description of CRISPR and what they are doing is creating molecular-size computer components using living DNA cells, and since these are living cells they can be replicated without much limit, so unlimited numbers of these components can be made. Also, since living cells are very accurate at creating their life components it is likely they will be good at making vast numbers of these tiny computer components. The next step is to create all of the needed components for this new form of molecular-size computer life, and then make the organisms that will assemble them into larger and larger linked structures that can perform some complex functions. This will take some time, but this is exactly what is needed to move toward creating a self-replicating being. The procedure in today’s announcement still requires living components to make the molecular-sized computer components, but when these can be made to designed specs it will become possible to make molecular-size “factories,” leaving out the living components. These can be made to survive for much longer periods of time, and being perfectly reproducible can functionally last until the end of the universe’s heat energy.

Now is the time to seed the Universe, where the goal of us sentient human beings is to help the Universe evolve into the fully conscious super-being that I assert that it is capable of becoming. We are at the pivot point in the history of the Universe where humans create the future Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables the Universe to become a unified self-conscious super-sentient being.”

The artificial, man-made life is only needed to get this new evolutionary process started, but once it is working the Universe will start creating its own sentient self.