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Last week a friend, whom I shall not name, suggested that I STOP writing and posting a blog every day. So I STOPped ! By 11:55 PM, my usual posting time, I was feeling anxious and depressed so I posted the single character “.”. A period.

I centered that lone black period on the page. Unfortunately, it vanished into the vastness of the white page … so rather quickly I replaced the tiny period with a larger bullet symbol. It was time to post, so I did.

I got a little feedback from an old friend back in Berkeley, but his suggestion was that I do some research into genealogy. That did’t appeal to me because it wasn’t stopping, it was just changing the subject matter.

My response the next day was that the period was’t big enough to be emphatic, so I posted a large black circle, actually a disk. That filled up most of the page. No words at all … just a very large period. A final period to over three thousand blog posts—that’s eight and a half years without missing a single post, except for the day that the WordPress site crashed and was down.

At this moment I am still committed to not posting  … but that makes me feel sad.