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Debbie and I usually hike up Pilot Butte, but this evening we were coming back from Safeway, right past the butte’s entrance, so we drove up for the sunset. It was crowded with about a hundred people at the top, but with a bit of foreknowledge about these things I parked and was taking photos in a minute. Sunset photos are basically meaningless, and the real enjoyment is in watching the clouds go through their rapid changes as the sun rakes across their bases at grazing angles. The photos are a genre somewhere between record shots and random pattern shots.

The Sisters mountains from Pilot Butte

Romantic pairs watch sunset view over the Cascade Mountains from Pilot Butte, Bend, Oregon, except for one lone guy.

Pilot Butte sunset scene

A selfie of Debbie and I watching sunset from atop Pilot Butte

Hollinshead Park, Bend, Oregon

The next evening it was lenticular clouds over the Cascade Mountains from Hollinshead Park, Bend, Oregon

Hollinshead Park, Bend, Oregon, sunset photo.

Telephoto view of lenticular clouds at sunset from Hollinshead Park, Bend, Oregon.

August sunsets are spectacular in Bend, Oregon.