Dictionary of New Epigrams


The most comprehensive “Thanks!” must go to the Big Bang, because that is where everything we know of came from.

Give thanks to Gravity for holding everything together.

Thanks to evolution for evolving us into conscious beings so we can give thanks.

Thanks to rain. The rain may annoy us for a few minutes, but the rivers, forests, animals, and people are made of rain drops.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

Every kind of weather brings good to someone.

Give thanks to those things that must be done, because they give our lives meaning.

Give thanks for life. It gives you the chance to play, to enjoy yourself, to help your family grow, to nurture your community, and to find reasons for humanity to thrive.

The most comfortable man is he who endures the least pain, and the most miserable the one whose life has no value to anyone.

Give thanks to those people whom you can help as it gives your life a purpose.

Give thanks that you have anything at all, anything, especially if you enjoy that single thing.

Be thankful for what you have left, and let your losses be gone forever.

Be thankful if you have enough, and no more.

What is enough for a man for whom plenty is not enough?

Give thanks to yourself for your own ability to ignore what you cannot have or do not need.

When we cannot have what we think we would love, we must choose to love what we do have.

Thank yourself for not wanting most things; it makes life so much easier.

Be thankful that you don’t have everything you want, for then there would be nothing to work toward.

Don’t forget to appreciate those things, while you have them, that you would be thankful to have later in life.

Thank yourself for not wanting some extravagant thing, for it’s better than possessing it, as you don’t need to take care of it or protect it.

Be thankful for enough slack to cover your expected problems, but not much more.

Be thankful for the invisible cloak of contentment.