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Perhaps the most important two words I heard today, this month, this year was — to think better we need a clean signal. Our brain can’t hope to function well if it doesn’t get a clean signal from its environment. And, what does the brain’s environment consist of, you may ask. First it must have a comfortable, warm environment with fresh, healthy blood free of contaminating chemicals, and without that there is no hope of it producing results that will optimize its being’s relationship with the world it is immersed within. Thus, we must prevent physical trauma and chemical toxins from entering our bodies, and if they do we must clear away the harm as quickly as possible. Furthermore, when contaminants are in our bodies we should refrain from making important decisions, or otherwise put ourselves in situations where physical danger is likely.

A second essential for a brain to function well is for it to get clean signals from its environment; that is, from a healthy body, and from a relationship with the world around that is honest and accurate. This creates a real problem in the modern world because there are entire industries dedicated to providing us with distorted information. It is called benign names like advertising, politics, education, entertainment, drugs, and religion. We are told that consuming these sources of information is for our own personal benefit. Of course, behind each of these mountains of information is an organization that is benefiting economically from your buying their products.

Okay, this is a bit much, but to live in our modern society we must confront all these sources of spun information every day and fend them off, and that takes personal energy. It is energy that could be put to better use, if we knew what a better use consisted of.

I’ve been pursuing the idea that life consists of solving problems, that a life that doesn’t have any problems is boring and soon depressing. Our task is to find problems that are big enough to be interesting to us, but of such a quality that we can solve parts of them on a daily basis. We feel good when we are successful. The best kinds of problems are ones that help others as well as ourselves live more satisfying lives. Generally that means building things together that help us all live better lives.

Thinking better means to help our minds to help everyone participate more fully in our world, and to do that requires clean signals from our world.