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I’ve been working for a month digitally restoring the best photograph I could find on the internet of the Mona Lisa painting in Paris. The original painting looks okay when viewed at arm’s length and okay when reproductions are viewed at postcard size, but when they are viewed at life size as I intend to show them in my 3D reproduction her living presence would be marred by five hundred years of degradations. So I have worked more than full time restoring her, and am currently satisfied that my present SAVE is good enough for the upcoming presentation. I still put in several hours of delicate touch-ups today, but that came to an end when I compared my work on the Louvre Mona Lisa to my download of the Prado Mona Lisa. I hadn’t looked at it in its full magnification since beginning this project, because it looks great, but this afternoon when I compared my completed painting to that one it looked terrible. It is fine if you stand back a couple of arm lengths, but if it is viewed on screen at life size a lot of imperfections that were obviously not in the original become obvious, and annoying to me. Thus it became necessary to clean up that Mona Lisa too.

Now having put in a couple of hours of restoration on the Mona Lisa del Prado, it becomes clear that the imperfections are minor and many of the flaws are only specks and spots that probably came from the photographic reproduction. There are hundreds of those types of flaws, but they are relatively easy to clean up. So there will be a few days of picky detail work for me, but hold on folks, the day is not distant when you can see the Mona Lisa in life-size three dimensions (3D), and sit beside her to have your photo taken. Of course you will have to come to Bend, Oregon, to see her, but it will be a the first time in the last five hundred years that anyone has seen her in full 3D. Quibble – you can see her 3D in blurry little reproductions elsewhere.

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