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Today there was a great discussion that began with the question, “What does it mean to live from the heart?” Soon it came the idea that we should act as little children, but that was instantly challenged because children live so much in the moment that they don’t regulate their outward expressions and they hurt other people. The idea evolved that we should live in the moment, as children do, but that wasn’t quite right either, because with a little forethought we could change our moment in such a way as to make our future moments much better, better for those around us and better for ourselves. There was a general consensus that we are responsible for our personal actions, and that we should act with loving kindness toward our fellow man. That meant to approach even dangerous people with love and acceptance. That was stated, but there wasn’t much of a clue how we could do that in practice. I mentioned my method of looking down at the dangerous person’s shoes, smiling at their absurd uniqueness, and then looking up at the person with a loving and warm, flexible state of mind.

Another way to approach difficult situations was to begin with a “What if the situation was perfect? What would we do then?” With that frame of mind we can be more open to new ideas, and a possibility of developing some good things out of the present moment. The basis of that line of thinking was to get out of beginning with a negative judgment of the approaching situation. Some were looking exclusively for the good things that may come out of a situation and ignoring the bad ones. That didn’t sit right with some of us, because simply ignoring bad things doesn’t necessarily prevent them from wreaking misery.

We discussed what the basic idea of love could be, and were liking the statements around … love is a level of communication that is based on a positive feeling interacting between beings. Someone’s child had had a tantrum and went away for a while, and when they came back they said, “I love you, and thank you for loving me.” We all welled up at that statement, and remembered that out of the mouths of babes comes profundities. An adult filters their behavior, out of respect for the other person, but a child often simply states their feelings of the moment, regardless of the effect.

One idea that floated by was, “The Universe thinks more highly of me than I can think of myself.” That was a strange statement, because it is generally thought by humans that the Universe doesn’t think at all, let alone make moral judgments of various people’s value. The Universe is a system that behaves with nearly perfect  predictability, in the near future, but it doesn’t think, and thinking is dangerous because one can never predict where thought will take a person. Thoughts are unknown, and unknowable until there are actions, and the actions made by a person are a better indicator of what they think than are their words.

We live in a great game, evolved by the complex forces of nature, and by my understanding of it we have no choice but to participate. Therefore,

Pay attention to your local environment and participate.