Dictionary of New Epigrams


Our human destiny is almost totally self-directed.

We may not control all of our fate, but we do control how we respond to it.

Our greatest personal freedom is choosing how we respond to events.

It is our fate to ride the Earth in its course around the Sun, but it is not our fate to feel bad about being unable to do anything about that journey.

Accepting fate is saying yes only to the inevitable.

When you encounter an event that may be considered fate, take the opportunity to respond to it with a freewill choice. All fates are not as fixed as they appear to be.

The most interesting aspects of your fate are within your personal control.

Only a fool sets out on a journey without any preparation.

Unless compelled by circumstance, only a fool wagers his whole being to fate.

Only at the Planck limits does pure chance reign, and even then events are not random but directed by statistical probabilities; all else has an element of know-ability.

Fate favors the most prepared.

Fate is the enemy of the unprepared.

Find the situations where your abilities will be helped by fate.

I have the ability to use whatever fate offers me.

When you are working toward a worthwhile goal everything that fate has to offer can be used to move toward that goal.

Fate always favors the prudent man, because he is prepared with antifragile options.

The time for constructive action is always now.

Luck is always having the possible futures circumscribed within your antifragile  capabilities.

Our fate is the result of our self-created habits. Some call it Karma.

Fate shows the way to the wise and throws sand in the eyes of the fool.

Prop open your doors for good things to come through.