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Dictionary of New Epigrams


Look at the sky and smile.

The smiles of the deepest happiness will often be seen through tears.

Bringing a smile to another will bring a smile to your face too.

It is a good form of wisdom that keeps contentment in your heart and a smile on your face.

Just because you will eventually be forgotten doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be smiling now.

To smile gives you power over depression and the flexibility to think of ways to overcome it.

Throw a rock into a pond; smiles will return to you, and frowns depart.

Those who consistently succeed do so with a smile on their face.

Participate with everyone and everything with a smile already in your heart.

Cultivate the habit of helping people at every opportunity, and do so with a friendly smile.

When you stop smiling your blood pressure goes up and your life expectancy goes down.

The best smile is seen in helpful actions.

When you smile at your problems they smile back, and you can work together.

Never miss an opportunity to smile.

I often talk of dreadful things with a smile, and do so in a cheerful problem-solving way.

It is just as easy to smile as to frown, and it feels better.

Let smiles come to your face, because you know you did something that creates smiles on other people’s faces.

You may have no influence on the situation that you must cope with, but you do have the power to approach it with a cheery smile.

Wit and frowns come from the head, but humor and smiles come from the heart.

A laugh lasts for a few seconds and is gone, but a smile can last for hours and becomes wrinkled into your face.

If you have the opportunity to be kind, be kind, but if you can’t be kind, be friendly, and if you can’t be friendly, at least smile, but if you can’t even smile, quietly excuse yourself and walk away.

Even the rich and powerful need friendly smiles. Perhaps they need them most, because they may have been driven to attain riches and power because of lack of friendly smiles.

Cheerfulness is the creator of a healthy heart and a happy face.

Live energetically and participate with a cheerful smile.