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Our modern western God is the one and only god, and it is claimed to be a fair and just One, unlike so many others of the known religions. The Encyclopedia of Gods lists 2,500 deities, and the Hindu religions suggest there are over 320 million, and some would claim there is a unique god for every sentient being. However, if you allow that interpretation it would seem reasonable to have a unique god for every moment of consciousness. My simple, perhaps simple-minded question would be, “How would our Western God relate to the following kinds of people?”

An atheist comes to God and states his position of non-belief, at least until this moment of meeting god, because god has given no clear and consistent proof of his existence. Quite the opposite, no matter how he asked for a physical proof none was provided, and surely a god who could create the Universe and life could let a small stone float in the air upon a prayerful request. Is that an unfair request for so very important an idea as the existence of God? It would seem that if God were fair and just he would say that he understood the problem, and would welcome the honest and thoughtful atheist into his higher realm of being. Welcome.

Then a true believer comes before God and describes his absolute belief and how at every appropriate opportunity he fell into total submission to God’s will, as it was given to him to understand. God asks the believer, “Why were you so steadfast in your belief when I never once gave an unequivocal proof of My existence? The true believer simply said that must be so, there is no other possibility, you are what you are, and I can not exist without you. “Welcome.”

Then Blaise Pascal comes before God and quickly falls to his knees. God asks, “Aren’t you the atheist, the one who doesn’t believe in any god, but goes through all of the outward motions of a deep belief?” “Yes, God. I went through all of the rituals, and did them precisely as instructed so that I would please you.” “Why did you seek to please me?” “So you would let me into Heaven. It wasn’t too much trouble to do all of the rituals for a few years when the payoff was eternal residence in heaven. It was clearly a good bet, so I took it.” “Didn’t you realize that I am omniscient and could see deep into your soul and know your motivations were to deceive me?” “Yes, but I thought you were an understanding and forgiving god and would forgive this tiny indiscretion.” “Sorry Blaise, cheating God isn’t a tiny indiscretion. … There’s your door, and yes it’s going to be Hell.”

Then comes a clergyman before God. He said, “I brought many souls to you, and surely you will have a warm place for me to reside.” “Yes, there were many who followed the teachings that were taught by you, but I looked into your heart, and saw that you didn’t believe what you were teaching and that your motivation was to make money, to live a comfortable life, and lord it over people. You lived well, and there is the door to a warm place. Perhaps not so comfortable as you thought you would get.”

An agnostic steps forward. “Wow, this is wonderful, God, you really do exist. You must know that I tried many times to believe in you, but there was no evidence, then I tried to not believe, but that left me feeling bewildered at the awesomeness of the world and of life and of ideas. So, I turned to Science and that was satisfying on many levels, but meeting you is a very pleasant surprise.” “What would have been satisfying to you from your scientific perspective, for your eternal reward?” “To continue being a part of the Universe. I participated in life and I enjoyed it, but now I will accept anything you provide, even oblivion. Thank You for everything.”

“Your wish is granted … My Son.”