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We like to think we understand our world, and I do too, so it came as a shock when I viewed the World Population History web site. By about 1980 I had read Atlas of World Population History by Colin McEvedy, and felt that I had a reasonable understanding of how many people there were at various times and locations, and that’s why viewing World Population History was such a shock. I recommend you go now and click that site. Pick out some places you feel familiar with and watch them grow. I often quote world population when in conversation with friends, and did so today, when some of them were getting morbid about the hunger in the world. But, what hunger is there? During the lifetime of these older folks the population had gone from two billion to seven point four billion, an increase of over three times. That means the planet Earth is now creating three times as much food as when we were born, and if there is any shortage, which there isn’t, then it is because the people have reproduced too frequently.

Yesterday’s post was about The 100 Greatest Atrocities of Human History, and when reading about those tragedies it became apparent that most of them were not in Western societies. That seemed strange because our Western media are  always talking about our tragedies, and because they don’t report those other ones we think things are okay elsewhere. Americans are still worried about terrorism because three people were killed in a pipe-bomb explosion near the finish line of the Boston Marathon April 15, 2013. And yet they seem totally oblivious that since WW2 tens of millions died in China under Mao Zedong, and shortly before tens of millions died of famine in India. The ratio here shows that a million of “them” doesn’t create as much angst as one American. It’s not like we knew any of those three Americans, and so why do their deaths bother so many people? The answer is simply it’s the distorted media presentation. Do the ongoing Congo wars mean anything to Americans, even though it is reported that nearly four million people have died there between 1998-2002? If you feel you get an accurate report of what’s happening in the world go to Death Tolls for the Major Wars and Atrocities of the Twentieth Century. That will clarify what actually happened and probably gives a better idea of what’s presently happening than the daily news.

Okay, if you clicked those sites you will have a better orientation to what humans have done and are probably still doing today, and what they are going to do for a long time to come. Basically, …

Humans will eat voraciously, reproduce maximally and kill as needed, like every other predatory animal.