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Dictionary of New Epigrams


Perhaps the best advice is to listen to someone seeking advice and encourage them to do a good job of what they are going to do anyway.

People get plenty of advice of what not to do because it will hurt and plenty of advice that is beyond their ability to do well. What is needed is to help them see how what they want to do needs to be done well.

You are the best person in the whole world to do the job you presently have, because you know better than anyone what needs to be done.

Only take advice from someone who has real experience and money in the game.

The best advice you can give someone is to carefully analyze their problems themselves.

When giving advice, speak with your ears.

To the best of your ability get accurate information before you make decisions.

Help people get into a  positive mood, where they can review their options, before making a decision.

When people are in a negative mood their vision is contracted and they will make shriveled decisions.

There are huge industries making money giving out terrible advice. A big one is giving you free money, so you can enjoy yourself now.

People must see a clear path away from pain and toward pleasure, and money lenders promise it. But your beautiful new car is a used one tomorrow and worth much less.

Everyone loves to give advice, but few love to receive it.

I often ask advice from a local concrete garden gnome Samumpsycle. He always gives good advice because he understands my problems. It’s Me! I’m listening!