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How can it happen to a kid like me? I just turned eighty-one years old. That’s impossible. All the indicators of time agree – I’m old, but the instruments of health, like blood pressure, say I’m still a kid. I took my blood pressure six times over the last three hours, just to get it right. The highest was 131/70 – 52bpm, and the lowest 115/60 – 49. That is supposedly the score a college athlete would consider excellent.

Another score of how soon you are going to die is how quickly you can walk twenty yards, but I can still go up two stories of stairs two at a time, but I haven’t measured my walking twenty yards. When walking with a companion I like to stroll and enjoy the conversation and view the passing scenery, but when alone and going somewhere I usually walk fast.

I just took the Ubble risk calculator test which only went to age 70, but my risk of surviving the next five was 95%.

Pie chart of cause of death age 91

Cause of death US male age 81

From Health grove  46,884 survive of 100,000 males born in the United States in 1935. Their chart gives my cohort 8.2 more years, but with my good blood pressure, my life expectancy is probably better than that. If I keep writing blogs, that requires me to come up with 3,000 more new ideas to write about, and that’s on top of the 3,250 old ones. I am already scratching around the empty barrel, but somehow there are always bizarre things to write about, and I want to explore more deeply how to make people’s lives more meaningful and help them to pursue things that would naturally interest them. That is, I don’t want to tell people what to do, nor even influence them in what they might pursue, but I would like to remove the obscuring things so they can better see their options. I think exploring one’s options is best done when feeling emotionally expansive and physically sound. And the opposite of that, avoid making decisions when feeling depressed and sick. I have been thinking in terms of providing a logical ladder for ascending to more expansive emotions and more mature personalities.

Helping people grow is a worthwhile task to pursue for a couple of years.