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Here I am. Pause. Here I am. Pause, and so it goes, and that moment will never return. Have I wasted it by thinking for a second about such a trivial thing as, Here I am? And then, perhaps being a slow learner, having to think it again, Here I am. Time inevitably keeps eating at my life, and there seems to be very little I can do to get more time, except to use it wisely. Or is there?

Actually, there are some things one can do to get some more time, but it is generally time at the end of one’s life, and that’s a time considered by younger people as less valuable time. But older people who are still in good health consider those older years to be the best, and that’s especially true of people who have cultivated habits of kindness towards others, and thus reflexively toward themselves. With habits of kindness directed toward oneself it is easy and pleasant to be old, and to continue growing older.

Those words good health slipped right by, but they are critical, because it is difficult to be happy and treat yourself well when you are feeling rotten. Thus, high on your priorities of living life should be to maintain your health in the best possible condition. Most people would agree with that general statement, but if you observe individuals for a day it would become apparent that most don’t exercise an optimal amount, most eat foods with too much sugar, most watch too much TV, most worry too much about things over which they have no influence, and the list could go on. Each individual can, and probably should, write out the things they do that are potentially deleterious to their health. Another category of health-destroying things is doing physically dangerous activities that sometimes get you injured. The problem is that when laid up with broken bones you are tempted to get into a lot of really bad habits based on those above, and not the least of which is pain-killing drugs.

Most people have trouble keeping their New Year’s resolutions, and so writing out a list of things to do and not to do has been demonstrated to typically burn out within a few days. Just saying you are quitting smoking or drinking won’t last, but if you take up going on a long hike, or bike ride, or some other activity that is incompatible with those habits, you will be able to resist them, at least for that time. And that period of non-use will make it easier to continue non-use for a while longer. Thus, a few days of doing those active things would taper you off of the bad habits for some period of time, and make it easier to totally quit. This technique of doing something totally incompatible with a bad habit could be applied to breaking any habit.

The point is to discover ways to improve your physical health, and thus to increase your lifespan. That is probably the best way…

To taper off the hungry habits of the time dragon.