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My friends Ahonu and Aingeal Rose came to my home last month and interviewed me about my lifelong relationship with the atomic bomb. They were using a laptop computer for the video recording device, but I thought the interview was for a radio show, and the video was for their editing purposes. I saw the video on the laptop screen as they were making the recordings and was surprised when I saw the videos this morning. I have never seen myself in an extended movie, so of course that was a shock, and I look and sound goofier than it feels like from the inside. I suppose most people feel that way.

Ahonu & Aingeal Rose interviewing Charles Scamahorn

Ahonu & Aingeal Rose interviewing Charles Scamahorn about atomic energy.

As mentioned in last week’s posts, I am going through a mental reappraisal of what this blog is about: “Life Hacks ~ Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully.” For a few days after the suggestion to STOP I posted an absolutely minimalist (.) period, but discovered that there was an emotional emptiness when I didn’t write a post. Some 4th of July fireworks went up because they were spectacularly different from any fireworks pictures online, but without comment, then my writing group did a prompt of STOP, and it felt okay posting that, because it wasn’t written for the blog, but about the blog. Anyway, I drifted back toward writing a post every day and am feeling better.

Then, almost out of the blue come these YouTube.com videos of me. It seemed okay to me that they were made before my testing of the idea of STOP, and were posted by other people, not me. But I found them interesting. There are four half-hour presentations and they are chronological to my life from 1935 to 2016. There are many photos and video clips blended into the running commentary that illustrate what was going on. Somehow a photo of Teddy Roosevelt was placed where Franklin Delano Roosevelt should have been, but other than that the inserts are basically accurate.

If you choose to watch these it is best to view them sequentially, because there is a logical progression, that gets better as the various weird aspects of the story blend together. As strange as my life story is, these interviews only scratch the outermost edge, and reading the 3,170 posts, a formidable task, will give you more. As I mentioned three days ago I think I may be the only living person who ever got a Darwin Award from Wendy Northcutt. The photo accompanying that post may explain why. As Tosh.0 says in the opening sequence before watching his show—Enjoy.

AHONU and Aingeal Rose interview Charles Scamahorn on YouTube

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