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Here in the United States we have national holidays celebrating mothers on Mother’s Day, fathers on Father’s Day, and it seems a strange oversight we don’t to have a Me Day for all us “me’s.” That would be a special day celebrating what in Western culture we consider the most important person – ME.

We have days for worthy others such as Valentine’s Day for our tender lovers. We have Earth Day to proclaim our love for our planet and its health. There is Christmas for loving of the long-gone baby Jesus, and Halloween for supposedly loving our children with pranks of candy, and Thanksgiving for thanking the Indians for feeding our starving Pilgrim forefathers, and Independence Day as a thank you to the British for departing when they were no longer needed, and Super Bowl Sunday thanking grown men for sacrificing their brains for our entertainment. I don’t know why but there are federal holidays for individual men but none for individual women, and none for individual me.

Money is behind all the public promotion of those other holidays, and adding up the sales on the Public holidays in the United States on Wikipedia it comes to $787 billion. If we got a Me Day going that incredible figure might surpass a nice round trillion dollars. Wouldn’t our Me Day celebrants be willing to spend on themselves as much as they spend on others?

A Me Day gift might be something you already want, but you could make it special and of a much higher quality than you would ordinary spend on yourself, because it was Me Day. Perhaps this year it would be an Oculus Rift with a top-end computer so it would run all the super new 3D+ stuff. There goes several thousand dollars, but hey, you’re worth it, because it’s your special day.

We should choose the most positive day of the year for Me Day. The day of the year that has the highest positive rating is the middle of August so it is a reasonable month to celebrate Me Day; and the happiest day of the week is typically Saturday. Thus the third Saturday of August has the statistical likelihood of being the happiest day, so let’s call that Me Day. It’s probably a fine summer day, so it would be a good one to go swimming or hiking in the forest, but that isn’t really special enough. Let’s make it even more spectacular to you personally, because you are the one making up the rules. It becomes an existential holiday too, and there are no limits.

August 20, 2016 will be Me Day. Go forth and make it your Me Day.