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Life is filled with problems, and that’s a good thing, because if you don’t have some interesting problems your life will soon be boring. Generally speaking it is better to have a lot of little problems, that you can cope with routinely.

If those little problems are important to you, then working with them will be interesting. If they are someone else’s problems, and you are only employed to fill in the labor to get the work done, they will be boring, and your only reason for doing the work is to earn money. Getting the money for minimal food and housing is unavoidable, at least until you own some land, but anything beyond that is laboring as a slave, a slave to needless consumption.

A piece of land is the absolute minimal starting point for getting away from being a wage slave. Once you have a place to put a tent, you can start building on that property, and everything you do to improve it is yours forever; but every penny you spend on rent is gone forever. Every minute you work for another person, doing something for money, is a minute lost forever.

It is essential that you do something that you feel is important every second of your life, because that second is soon gone, and with its passing you can no longer ever hope to enjoy that second again. It is okay to work with and for other people, because many projects require many people, but you should be working on things that you believe should be done. If you don’t value the ultimate finished product of what you are doing, then get into something else as quickly as possible.

Life is filled with problems, but set your goals as doable problems, and doable in a reasonable amount of time. If you choose problems that can never be finished, or if the part you are working on can never be finished, it will inevitably lead to disappointment and despair. That’s why one must be careful when getting involved in really big tasks. Perhaps an even greater problem is getting involved in things where it is impossible to complete the grand task, because the grand task is physically impossible. That is a problem that you must answer for yourself, because some problems may look impossible now, but can be solved, and others are simply impossible. For a long and pleasant life:

Do the doable, and avoid the impossible.