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Winston Churchillized line spacing for easy reading aloud.

As I was standing there at Dudley’s Bookstore, a book fell off the shelf.
 What could I do but stoop and pick it up?
  My reflex was to put it back where it came from.
That response
 comes from my self-training of sixty years
  to instantly do the right thing.
It was a New Year’s resolution
 made in 1968
  when I was studying Gurdjieff’s philosophy.
At that time I was living in Berkeley, California,
 and my closest friends were from the Channing Club.
That is a Unitarian college-age discussion group
 I had been a member of for several years at WSC.
Most of these grad students were reading G’s book
 ”All and Everything
  and participating in a separate discussion group
   where they practiced self-observation.
I decided not to join that second group
 until I had read the book.
That turned out to be a BIG mistake, because
 the book is almost impossible to read.
The author G insists in the introduction that
 you be willing to read the book three times
  or put it down
   right away
    and walk away.
Because my friends spoke so highly of it
 I decided to read it the required three times.
  BIG mistake!
But it was a choice that made a huge impact on my life.
G wrote that we should read the book
 the first time
  like we would read any other book,
  and that we should read it the second time
   out loud,
    like this post is designed to be read.
We should only attempt to understand it
 on the third reading.
The problem was,
 and it would still be a problem for any reader today,
  it is nearly impossible to read the first time.
 I did follow G’s instructions, but
  it took me about six years
   to finish reading it the first time.
It only took about two years
 to read it the second time,
  and two months to read it the third time.
The reason it was so quick and easy
 to read it the third time
  is easy to say
   but impossible for you
    to understand
     without reading it.
The book is a pure comedy on the third reading!
It is filled with sarcasm,
 scorn and pity at the human situation.
It isn’t until the third reading
 that you realize you have been led
  down a path that seems
   perfectly logical and reasonable at first, but
    what is to be learned from
     each of the stories the third time is
      quite different from what was learned
       on the first reading.
On the first reading the people in the stories
 learned valuable life lessons
  and they applied those lessons
   to their daily lives.
On first reading, these lessons are promoted
 as valuable wisdom.
On the third reading, they are understood
 to be the wisdom of
  absolute fools.
Therein lies the comedy
 to be understood in the third reading,
a sardonic comedy, and
 perhaps it could be thought of as
  a cruel comedy.
But one comes out of the whole process
 a sadder and a wiser person
  because you learn to see human foolishness more clearly.
I never did join one of the G self-observation groups.
 but I feel that I am much better off
  for reading All and Everything three times as instructed
   and for not joining a group
It was my habit cultivated long ago
 to instantly do the right thing.
And I reflexively stooped over and
   picked up the book
    and put it back on the shelf.