Dictionary of New Epigrams


When asked what humility is, it is easy to speak the truth … “I don’t know.”

Perhaps the greatest miracle of all is the existence of our universe and of our consciousness of it and ourselves.

Humility implies some other person we should be humble before, but the most important thing is the Universe and the most important person is ourselves, because we are foremost responsible to ourselves, within the Universe.

For the most part thanks be to the past me, for that former self’s multitudes of conscious decisions created the present me. If that is humility then we all have it in abundance.

Behaving appropriately to the moment we find ourselves immersed within requires flexibility of self, and that is humility to the world surrounding all of us.

Humility is the recognition that the sum of the seven billion people’s knowledge of the world is about seven billion times what you know. Everyone can instruct you about something.

Remember where you came from and where you are going … dust. And behave appropriately to your fellow creatures with the same built-in situation.

Humility is created by the unsolicited discovery by other people of your kind qualities.

Avoid copying the behavior of leaders who have arrogated power to themselves.

A humble person’s actions are simple and easily understood.

A humble person helps everyone, because they realize that everyone is needy.

“What have you done to act so humble?” asked Albert Einstein. I’ve tried hard to create The Earth Ark, to save the people of the earth from the weapons you have created.

A humble man blends with the events of the world, and is nearly invisible.

A humble person can be anyone you meet, and his chief feature is revealing his inmost self with equanimity.

It is said that if you really like who you are it is easy to be who you are, and it is easy to become someone you like by behaving like someone you would like.

Out of humble actions to others grows contentment with one’s self.

Pontificating about humility is a sure sign of arrogance.