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I’ve always liked the parting statement made famous on TV’s classic Star Trek, “Live long and prosper.” However, when using that statement with a parting friend this afternoon I felt a certain lacking in the sentiment. The “live-long” was okay because without living there can be no consciousness and generally speaking you need time to live and to be conscious and enjoy the living, so the more time the better.

My hesitancy came with the concept “to prosper.” Of course prospering is a fine thing, but it is only one part of “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Wise”, and most people would rather be happy than wealthy, and those who are quite sick would generally claim they want good health rather than happiness. They would accept a neutral state of emotional well-being combined with good health. Most people would skip the wisdom to have any of the other three, but it is an essential trait to get and to maintain the others.

What seemed more appropriate as a well wishing at a friend’s departure would be to “Live long and live the life that comes to you to the fullest,” and that means to me — Show up in the moment, pay attention to what’s happening, give it your best, let your offering go, and intentionally walk away from what happens to your efforts to let them grow of their own accord. A more succinct way of saying that would be, “Live long and participate!” We can never know exactly what will come, but no matter what that may be, we will live our lives to the fullest if we:

Live long and participate !!