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Perhaps I am mistaken about this, but it seems people make up their minds about things based on what other people have already made up their minds about. These people choose some other person out of their reality who has an aggressive and positive demeanor and who seems to dominate conversations, and then just repeat what they have heard.

The prime example of this phenomenon is the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. He is loud, brash, super assertive, and a master of one-upmanship in on-camera situations. He pretends to be a winner, and accuses everyone else of being losers, while his personal record is one of frequent losses. He is being called a fraud, a liar and worse by people who have excellent records themselves of being winners. People seem to need their brash leader, even if he is an obvious loser. The winners on the world stage are judging their peers by their own standards, and are with little doubt much better at that sport than I. So, it appears I, too, am just going to follow the opinions of apparent winners.

I don’t claim to be any better at this than anyone else, and it is just a question of whom you choose to put your attention upon.