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Whenever I have a cold coming on I raise my body temperature to 102.0°F in a hot bath. I started doing this in 1993, and published it as Proba-Flu in a little magazine called Proba in 1994. Since that time I have successfully used that technique, and all of my colds have been very mild; so mild in fact that no one ever asked me if I had a cold. Very little coughing or sneezing or fever. Until today! I had a typical cold, and felt generally poor all day. Why?

When I took my first hot bath I started getting heart arrhythmias at about 101.0°F, and at 101.5°F they were pronounced and frequent, about one every five beats. Debbie brought me a calcium pill, because I know that when I eat a banana, which has a lot of potassium, I get arrhythmias, and when I balance my potassium with calcium I rarely have any more problem.

Today was different and more persistent, so I ate a small quinine pill, which is helpful for stopping leg cramps. That helped a lot, but it took several minutes before there was any effect. I don’t like taking pills, so when it came time to take another hot bath, I hadn’t taken any more pills, and started getting arrhythmias as the water temperature went over 105.0°F and my body temperature went up to 101.0°F. I think I got a full cold because I didn’t raise my temperature to 102.0°F

If I take another hot bath tomorrow I will take the calcium and quinine a half hour before getting in.