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To maximize the chances that your future will be happy and tranquil, do your evaluations of the facts before becoming overcommitted to a path of action that may lead to serious unintended consequences. But before you can know the truth you must evaluate the information that is relevant to the coming actions, and for those evaluations to be best for the coming situation you must have accurate information, and for the information to be valid there must be some way of judging its facts and their accuracy, and for all these factors to be meaningful there must be freedom of speech of all the people with information. Thus the most basic necessity for future contentment is free speech.

Free speech means allowing every person involved to express their opinion about the relevant things without the fear of punishment, or even of contradiction. They must have the option to speak nonsense and even lies. Because if everyone can speak the truth as they see it, those speaking nonsense and lies will be exposed. Those giving poor representations of the truth need not be challenged because you as the evaluator must make the assessment as to what the truth you are going to act upon actually is. A version of truth depends upon the point of view from which the speaker is making their observations and opinions. Thus it is important for you as the evaluator to put yourself mentally into the place from which they are making their observations. Once there you may find yourself in total agreement with what they said.

Take in all information from the point of view that makes it true, and then make your evaluations of what truth is for the task at hand.