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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Life is not at its best when one is sitting in a quiet state of nothingness, but it can be very good when one is deep into a challenging thought seeking a resolution.

The world is real and evolution of inorganic, then organic stuff, and then mental processes has brought us the awareness that we are alive, and the world exists.

Other people can tell you how to think about some things, but you must do the work of thinking through the ideas to make them function and move on to better thoughts.

It is the summation of your own thoughts on your own experiences that brings you to your view of your world, and generates your world through feedback.

All ideas are at their root absurd, because they put boundaries around entities that are unavoidably blurry at the edges, and as our ideas and statements are absurd they must always be spoken with a touch of hilarity.

We inevitably distort reality with our ideas, and yet we must speak and communicate ideas to one another to accomplish much of anything together.

Wisdom is actionable knowledge of how processes work, and it is the benefit of meditating on thoughts, because it brings us the results we seek.

The greatest thoughts are those that open the doors of our perception to things that are there to be seen but haven’t been seen.

We can know what a person values most clearly by what he defends when it is attacked and he is threatened with its loss.

Most of our thoughts are the result of our years of unconscious stringing together of unconscious thoughts; we just talk our word habits, and walk our walking habits, until we slip and then our automatic reflexes take over.

Action follows perception, and you become what you are paying attention to.

All actions are the result of what are considered to be good reasons, and from that we must consider what are the reasons that brought about some particular act.

In the material universe of stars and planets processes that are potentially scientifically describable are the way things function, but in the world influenced by man it is his thought-driven action that changes the way things behave.

Thoughts can bring a successful outcome if they are based on the wisdom of experience, but they can, and usually do, bring disaster if they are based on hopeful fantasy.

Voluntarily change where you are placing your attention and you change your entire universe.

Every thought you have creates a channel for a new reality, and that reality can be in better agreement either with your environment or with your fantasy.