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I came to the writing group this morning expecting to have a great prompt because Manly had had a week to think one up. When asked last week if he was willing to take on the responsibility for generating a prompt, he said “I don’t mind if I do!” That was said with a buoyant enthusiasm … but, in a few seconds an elfish smile crept across his Irish countenance … “And, by the way” … and there was a long pause … and various kinds of smiles twinkled through his eyes … We could see him thinking … planning … plotting … predicting, and then choosing … and an inscrutable smile glowed like a light bulb in his face. It was no ordinary light bulb either, but more like the super special ones sometimes found on the top of Christmas trees.

John, who had asked Manly to create the prompt, looked shocked … “You can’t bring that in here!”

What had John seen in Manly’s face that was so scary, or offensive, or disgusting or obscene … obscene in the old Greek drama sense of implied, but never revealed on stage?

But, what was it?

There had never been a word spoken … a gesture made … an innuendo implied.

They stood there looking at one another … staring deeply through the other’s eyes … too deeply perhaps. Then Manly said, softly, “Because it was there.”

“Because it was there?!” scowled John.

“That’s not what I meant!”

And that’s how it ended … They know … but we will never know.

The moral of that little story is that we must learn to live with uncertainty … with our unknowing. But:

“I never saw it that way.”