Adaptation to its environment may be DNA’s meaning of life, but the purpose of a man’s life is to foresee what needs to be done, to prepare for it, and then to do it. It is in his expansive moods that a man can best live because it is at those times he may choose his options of actions most wisely. He may then choose what it is that makes his life more than just surviving, existing or having a pleasant time. If a man has important work and enough liberty and money to enable him to use his time well, he is in a perfect position to vitalize his whole world. A conscious man must be doing something he knows is important to be happy. Thus, a happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature, and a part of the nature of man is to mature by doing the deeds his world needs.

The purpose of a man’s life is to wisely participate in all his world’s needs, past, present and future.