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These ideas about our current denial of our human problems are ugly to write about, and to read about too, and so I will keep it short. The lack of public abhorrence at the presidential campaigns is a clear demonstration of how superficial we Americans have become. Instead of seeing the candidates as comedy, because the media promotes them as comedy, we ought to be disgusted at their vileness. How obvious must this problem be before individuals and the whole public react against it?

Another horror and proof of our general problem of superficiality is the reliance on short-term solutions to long-term problems. A typical example is the personal debt crisis. Look around and see your local citizens driving expensive cars and buying 3,500 square foot houses, for two people or even one person. And then read the news and see that almost fifty percent of Americans couldn’t come up with $400 in an emergency, and thus would have to borrow from some short-term lender at a terrific penalty.

My city is new and relatively prosperous, but the older portions of the city’s infrastructure are falling apart. The city streets have many potholes, but the drivers of these new cars defeated a tax increase to pave them. The new parts of our city have good sewers and streets, because they are new, but the older parts of town are more than fifty years old, and the older streets and sewers are failing. This is happening nationwide. How can people spending lots of money and driving new cars claim they don’t have enough money to fix the public potholes and sewers? It is a denial of an obvious need.

People have totally forgotten that they must cover the basics of their lives, before they spend all of their money, and all of the money the money lenders will give them, on the toys. It is obvious that you should fix the hole in your roof to keep the rain out before you upgrade your working TV to 4K. I hear a moan – But I want 4K – and it isn’t raining now. That attitude is a clear denial of the obvious, and yet it pervades almost everyone’s current thinking.

We are living in a world with a surplus of available education, training and media overload and an emotional paucity of common sense, adult behavior and personal responsibility. We are being formed into a society of debt slaves to exploiting bankers and those banks’ investors. This current debt situation includes the one-time upwardly mobile college graduates, but they are now being locked into the new form of debtors’ slavery by student loans. The solution for everyone is to be totally out of debt, even rental debt, and totally own everything you have and use.

We live in a world filled with denials of the obvious, and one obvious fact is that we are headed into a world with fewer jobs and more stringent debt slavery.