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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Happiness is different for different people at different times and different situations.

Happiness Scale

Happiness Scale – Click for bigger image

Happiness is in the present moment of progress toward a worthwhile goal.

The more profound the goal of personal quest the greater the happiness as it is being approached.

Happiness is dependent on making some person happy, and if that person is you then the total happiness you can achieve is one person.

If you are progressing toward the goal of making another person happy, then yu double the possible happiness being created.

You must live to be personally happy, but if you strive for happiness of others beyond yourself, you can attain happiness after you are dead.

Generating the kind of happiness that is self-centered dies as the moment passes away, and goes into the grave with your body when you die.

When you build personal happiness on the misery of other people, you have a single person that is happy and many who are unhappy, and the world is a more miserable place because you exist.

Personal debauchery in the quest of immediate pleasure is the sure path to long-term suffering.

The foolish person seeks happiness in pompous words of his mouth, but a wiser person finds happiness in the worthwhile actions of his hands.

Happiness is not found in an abundance of stuff, but in an abundance of good habits.

If you are helpful to people they will be inclined to be good to you, but if you are mean to them they will be mean to you, even when they appear to be kind.

If you expect people to automatically be good to you, you will be disappointed and unhappy.

If you are waiting for people to be good to you before you can be happy, you are in for a long wait.

For your personal happiness to even be possible you must be content with the things of the world that are beyond your control.

To be happy you need to consider briefly the difficult things, even personal death  and the death of loved ones, and then live your life in ways that are valuable.

There is only one place and one moment where you can be happy, and that is here and now.

There is happiness in the tranquility of knowing we are doing a good thing.