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This blog has been dedicated to helping others, and its subtitle is, Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully. As of today there have been 3,143 attempts to do that, and it would seem that I would be running out of ideas. Not so, because by attempting to discover ways to help people, the size of the subject grows and grows, and then grows exponentially. That is because the more closely the subject is observed the more complex it becomes, and the more subtleties every person presents.

Also, as the number of my friends grows, who are exploring these subjects in their own way and talking about it, their experience must be plied into and compound the thoughts. I presently know many people who are trying hard to find their way to enlightenment, and they are each exploring ways that seem best for them. I am a little different in that I am trying to develop methods that are applicable to everyone.

In a physical way every living thing is competing with every other living thing to maximize their self-interest, and we humans are good at cooperating with others in an effort to maximize our group’s self-interest, and thus our own too. Therefore we all have a drive to help others if we believe them to be part of our survival group, and will readily support our group against others. We value our friends and want them to be near, but not too near. They are too near when they are encroaching on our interpersonal competitive space. This isn’t thought of as too selfish if the competition for resources is considered by all parties to be fair. We have no right to consume other people’s goods unless we give in return something that is thought to be of fair value by both.

As we mature we grow through satisfying our own needs, to helping to satisfy those of our family, and then to helping our extended social groups satisfy theirs. Some people move on to helping all humans, even those who may come into existence in the future, and some generalize their helping to helping all living things.  We may be kind and helpful to other people even when we don’t know them and will never know them. There is a personal karma that returns to the giver when we give to these unknown people. It comes in the form of creating the habit of being kind to everyone and that includes one’s self, and thus, being with ourselves all the time, we become the prime recipient of our kindness to others.

Now you understand why your kindness in helping others is a personal reward.