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Dictionary of New Epigrams


Anxiety is the fear of loss and nothingness, but it vanishes with your realization that what you are is eternal. Tranquility is found with the acceptance that you are part of the Universe and no matter happens you will remain part of the Universe.

Your mind is filled with an infinity of options based on experiences and thoughts about those experiences, and you can choose which problems you will give your attention to.

Anxiety is overcome with meditation, which is bringing the attention to one simple thing and returning it, over and over, to that simple thing.

When, through meditation, your mind can be focused on a meaningless thing it is calmed, and it can then be directed to and maintained on another more meaningful thing.

When a mind is given freedom it will drift toward its anxieties and flit around in a chaos of unresolvable problems.

Anxiety comes with loss of control of problems.

When promised a gift the hope of getting it creates anxiety, and the chance of losing it creates anxiety too, and the holding of it creates anxiety, and the knowledge that it will soon be gone generates anxiety. Thus a promise of a gift brings the curse of hope and pain of anxiety.

Anxiety is the painful side of hope.

Working toward a worthwhile goal, with continuing small attainments, creates a feeling of control; goal-directed action eliminates anxiety and gives life meaning, and thus meaningful work generates a tranquil life.

Anxiety doesn’t solve problems; instead it places attention on the seemingly unresolvable aspect of them and defeats action even before it is attempted.

If you can’t cope with a big anxiety, get busy on a little one that you can cope with.

Disapproval generates anxiety, not action, and approval supports good deeds.

Anxiety confuses the mind and replaces meaningful action with dithering.

Wishful thinking generates anxiety, because it is known that it probably won’t work.

The more a person is out of touch with reality the greater their anxiety.

The acquisition of wisdom brings tranquility, the acquisition of things anxiety.

Anxiety creates a confused slave out of a free man.