A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Growth only happens when you move on from your comfort zone.

You learn how to grow by being near growing people, but you must do your own work.

Real personal growth is reaching into the unknown unknowns repeatedly until you discover something.

All great new things require a great new spirit willing to take a chance.

All life is a struggle, and that is where the enjoyment is, and the greater the growth the greater the enjoyment.

Growth is as Edison said about discovery, it’s one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Growth is a constant struggle to find, or create, and fill a potential niche.

Evolution is usually a process of finding tiny niches, but occasionally there are leaps into great chasms.

Learn to endure pain, for pain is the price of growth as well as failure.

We are always growing into a new niche, even when we are dying.

The six stages of human growth are infant, child, adolescent, adult, mature, and sage.

Watching people for a few minutes will generally reveal their level of maturity.

Pain doesn’t cause growth, opportunity offers growth, but exploring that opportunity will probably create some real anxiety that will be felt as pain.

Most growth takes place with opportunity and a challenge accepted and then thoughtfully analyzed.

The easiest way to grow is to watch others make mistakes and then not do what ever it was that got them into trouble.

We are always growing, but sometimes it’s into a self-destructive place.

Everything is growing forward, even if that forward is backward.

There is no enjoyment in being someone, as that only yields the threat of losing your status; the permanent joy is in the moment of doing things you know are significant.

To live is to adapt to circumstance, and that’s just another word for growth.

There is an inertia to growth, and those that are growing fastest will go the furthest.

If you want to be comfortable find friends that are just like you, but if you want to grow seek people who are different and difficult to be around.

Opening the doors of perception for other people teaches you how to open your own doors of perception.

Growth that is quicker adapts to the situation sooner and better.

Sometimes personal growth means changing the local environment.

Try everything and check to see how much people will pay you for it; if you can’t sell it it’s worthless.