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There was a rumor that a cold was going around, but I never saw anyone who looked sick. Even when I went to my dentist for some tiny routine touch-ups I was feeling fine, but six hours later I was feeling sick enough to begin my hot bath procedure. I’ve been doing this since 1994, that’s 22 years, and it always works. A couple of times I moved over to the edges of methods described in that old link, but raising my temperature to 102.2°F and holding it there for five minutes seems to be near ideal.

What was different about this cold is that at the very beginning I was leaning back in my lounge chair, and accidentally inhaled some spit. Okay, that’s a stupid thing to do, but it happened, and I think I gave my lungs a full dose of flu virus that was lurking in my mouth, because a few hours later I felt like there was burning fine sand in my lungs. Right at the beginning this was only a little annoying, but a day later I was running a fever 5°F above my normal temperature.

Today I went to Bend, Oregon’s annual four-hour free medical clinic. It’s kind of a gala event, with bling and giveaways, and about thirty stations with labeled problems. I have a red spot on my shin where a spider bit me six years ago, and sure enough the dermatologist gave me a document that will get me in to have it checked out and biopsied. Other than that all of the various quick tests came out near perfect. My BMI was 27 and they want it to be 26, but they lump everyone of every age into one score, and I think being five pounds over the ideal BMI for a twenty-year-old is just fine for an 80-year-old. My blood pressure was 124/64, which considering the turmoil of the situation was a few points higher than at a quiet doctor’s office.

I’ve taken two baths today, and always feel better afterward, so I’m going in now.