Dictionary of New Epigrams


Seeking to live long, and to participate with all that’s around you, is the route to a long and enjoyable life.

Without life there is no opportunity to participate, so strive for longevity.

Without a desire to do something important there is no interest in participating.

When you have the habit of participating everything you encounter becomes meaningful.

Action is always the result of participation in what’s going on around you.

When you are willing and eager, participation is what builds your enthusiasm.

Your participation always enhances the value of what is going on, and what you are doing to make it work.

Even unpleasant things that must be done are better done by doing them with enthusiastic participation.

An illegitimate challenge to our team enflames our enthusiastic participation to combat it.

You have got to participate before you have any chance of success.

To participate gives you great satisfaction when you succeed.

The best way to live is to participate.

Take aim, and targets appear.

To shrink away from participation is to shrink away from life, and to begin dying.

If something is worthy of being done it is worthy of your participation in getting it done.

If we choose not to participate, what we could do never gets done.

Chose not to participate in bad things, but to actively counter them.

Sometimes a clear NO! is active participation. It’s participation in something better.

You can be an active participant, or a passive observer. Guess who has the most interesting life.

Pay close attention so your participation is always just right for the situation.

If you never step forward and participate, you never fail, but you never succeed.

You can never develop your abilities by reading, or watching, but only by participating.

The first step is usually the hardest, so develop the habit of taking the first step whenever there is an opportunity to take a first step.