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Dictionary of New Epigrams


The most important thing I’ve done in my life is to pay attention to you.

We love the love we know we have earned.

Have I told you today how lucky I am to be loved by you?

Extraordinary people need extraordinary love.

I believe in love because I now have a Karmic rebound.

We participate with the things we love.

When you are with those you love there is active participation in the moment.

I love your past because it brought you to me; I love your present because we are living it together; I love your future because that is where we are going.

There are billions desperate for love, but don’t know how to give it.

Loving someone is to make their life meaningful to them.

Facing problems together with confidence and tranquility is a sure sign of love.

To live well is to love, laugh and cry together.

The eternal now is the moment to be loving.

Whenever I see you, I say YES!

I love that you and me are we.

Anyone can say “I love you,” but spontaneous helpful actions are the true demonstration of love.

It amazes me that you love me!

Spontaneous loving actions are habits worth cultivating.

I am a better person when I’m with you. I think that’s a good thing.

A moment of felt love that isn’t expressed is lost forever.

Some people are incapable of love and will never love you.

Love is patient and kind. It trusts and hopes, protects and preserves.

Seek someone to love who seeks to help others live more abundantly.

We learn as children that if we are nice to people they will be nice to us, and if we are mean to them they will be mean to us. Then we grow up.

Wisdom isn’t learning from mistakes; that’s just painful experience. Wisdom is cultivating enough foresight not to make mistakes.

A wonderful habit to cultivate is to love and be loved.

Love isn’t when you find the perfect one, but when the okay one is perfect for you.

Love is more valuable than luxury.

Let my last breath be, “I love you!” and the last words I hear, too.