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The end of all living things is self-promoting action.

Everyone claims to know the way, but few take the first step, even a tiny step.

Occasionally a forward-thinking man can exercise his free will.

Success is based on right actions at the right times. These follow forethought, the ability to act, and the courage to act promptly.

The aim of life is to be able to adapt to circumstances quicker than those around you.

We must not waste time and life, devising perfect solutions. Find a workable action, and do it promptly.

Sometimes we must act quickly, and at other times deliberately, but always promptly and a little before the competition is ready.

Being inactive lets your competition know exactly where you are and what you are doing, so above all do something inexplicable, which will confuse your competition but let you know where you are.

Action may not always bring desired results, but there are never any positive results without action.

All surviving species were able to adapt to circumstances quicker than those around them.