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I’ve been blogging about happiness the last few days, and discussing it with my friends, but it seems too elusive to define well enough to pursue as a deliberate goal. If it is just a warm fuzzy feeling then a shortcut is readily available, and that is to take the happy pills that are so popular with the public. I don’t like that procedure because in my world I view happiness as the positive feedback our body gives us when we do things that move the whole of our being toward a worthwhile goal. Taking happy drugs is cheating and gives that positive feedback feeling, but without us doing anything other than dropping a pill, and thus it distorts our relationship with our reality and interferes with our pursuing our true goals. It makes us into phony people, and that is a kind of person that many people I know claim is the most despicable kind of personality. And yet, I can’t remember anyone claiming that people who take antidepressants are despicable people. Hm. What they usually seem to mean by that is someone who seems inauthentic because they aren’t responding to them in a way that fits their personal assumptions of how a person of their peer group should behave. That is disturbing because that makes any person that doesn’t act the way they want into an inauthentic person to be avoided, and that means a person who is of a different culture is inauthentic, or worse yet for me, any person who is “different.” Well, I was considered to be different, even in Berkeley a town considered the most unusual place on Earth, where I lived for fifty years. I pursued my own path to seeing reality as clearly as possible, rather than the common conception of reality, and everyone knew it, and there I was accepted as thinking for myself. That is what I believe is the most absolute form of authenticity, and pursuing truth as based on testable reality is the most pure form of personal happiness.

A conscious pursuing of personal reality is the real path to happiness.