How can you prepare for the unexpected, when the unexpected seems to be defined as unexpected? The answer is that what is physically possible will at some point in time happen. Of course you can’t prepare for every possible eventuality because in the long run the Sun will eventually consume the Earth. Thus we must limit ourselves to things that are possible within some reasonable time frame, and just because something can happen doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you. Or does it? How can we know?

When you look around the world at people and see that things do happen to them, it seems reasonable to assume that similar things can happen to you. People get killed in automobile accidents and that totals about 1,240,000 every year worldwide. That simple fact should warn you to take serious precautions whenever near motor vehicles. Don’t just take reasonable precautions, like those million deceased people thought they were doing, but take greater precautions.

Look around, and you will frequently see people taking serious risks. Usually they get away with their risky behavior, but sometimes they don’t, and then they pay a big penalty.

In a conversation this morning with some of my old buddies someone said, “Wisdom is learning from your mistakes and applying your experience to your future actions.” That sounded wise to everyone present but me, and I retorted, “Wisdom is learning from mistakes all right, but learning from other people’s mistakes is just as good as learning from your own.”

Be prepared for the future by learning from other people’s mistakes.