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I am going to attach a new meaning to the word aurora and associate it with the behavior of people who have gone beyond the developmental stage of earthly sages. An Ourora personality refers to those who have moved on to Universal themes. A new word is needed because the PATHS TO MATURITY chart needs a higher level of development beyond Sage, defined and described. The word aurora has been linked to the natural light display in the high latitudes of the Earth’s sky. It is usually associated with a solar magnetic storm, and sometimes the term is linked to the predawn glow in the sky or surrounding an enlightened sage. The new word Ourora implies a reaching beyond the Earth and humanity into infinities.

The new usage of Ourora is linked to the developmental stage beyond Sage on the chart. A person defined as an Ourora would deal with themes that would be relevant to beings living on or near any of the 5 x 10^22 stars of the Universe. By defining such a person and behavioral state it then becomes easier to discuss physically universal subjects. The intention is to discount all non-testable spirit beings and concentrate on things knowable, or at least potentially verifiable and agreed upon by intellectually opposing parties. We may be reaching well beyond the presently known into a distant fog, but we can with a predictable consistency get the same results with what we find. Go to: Probaway – PATHS TO MATURITY – Chart expanded for a description of the previous system.

Paths to human maturity

Paths to human maturity.

Probaway Paths to human maturity was first published in 1994 as a three-dimensional chart measuring five levels of time-binding maturity against environmental stress and current attention. The new chart will have two more, Infant and Aurora.

  1. Time-binding maturity
    1. INFANT behavior is of a person who hasn’t yet developed language.
    2. IMMATURE Childish behavior is okay for children but very poor for older people.
    3. ADOLESCENT Why are adolescents so stupid? I don’t mean low IQ I mean stupid.
    4. ADULT Adult behavior isn’t stupid but it isn’t smart either.
    5. MATURE Mature behavior is helped by a higher IQ
    6. SAGE To behave as a sage requires intelligence, experience and thoughtfulness.
    7. OURORA behavior is to think, behave and promote ways that will be helpful for all beings of the Universe.
  2. Environmental stress,
    1. EGO EXPANSION when pleasurably stressful
    2. EGO DEFENSE when dangerously stressful
    3. EGO CONTRACTION when overwhelmingly stressful
  3. Current attention
    1. IDEAS
    3. PEOPLE
    4. OBJECTS

To maximize happiness behave at your highest maturity level.