Today our writing exercise prompt was, “And, still there is the wonder.” 43 +3 minutes, handwritten.

When the group was asked why we came, I said, “My life is inherently meaningless!” Therefore I came to this writing group because it would have a prompt, and then for 45 minutes my life would have a purpose. To have a prompt give purpose like my improvisation group meetings, or alternately like Epictetus’s view of Stoicism, Paragraph 17, to have a role in life thrust upon one’s personal moment and then to fulfill that role to the very best of one’s ability.

Okay, my present purpose is to fill this empty paper with marks. Hopefully with meaningful marks written in the English language.

Yes … no …. maybe … will you repeat the prompt?

What has been bothering me for the last several days is the realization that the Republicans’ most popular presidential candidate enjoys hurting people. His most famous statement before becoming a candidate was, “You’re fired!” It was always said with a pleasurable gusto!

Nowadays, he is famous for saying incredibly vicious things about any and every category of human being imaginable.

So what’s your problem? It’s just words … don’t you remember that childhood saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”? Of course that’s a false statement even for a five-year-old; But words spoken by a president, or even a candidate, do hurt people.

Try these words in a cartoon balloon of the president’s pointed finger about to be pressed down onto a big red button, “You’re fired!”

The fact that the world as we know it would be destroyed by that simple action and those simple words must give every thinking person the shivers.

Step back from the earth a ways in the next cartoon frame, and see it populated with a great number of mushroom clouds, and the words under it, “You’re fired!”

I could end this little essay right here because there wouldn’t be anyone to read these words. … … but there’s still some time.

There was a study done interviewing several convicted murderers in prison, and a scale of their motives for their murders. At the beginning of the scale were accidental events that led to a conviction, up the scale a bit were self-defense murders, then came events prompted by defending another person being violated by some other person, followed by violations of property being revenged, then there were murders accidentally committed during the commission of a crime, such as robbery, then kidnapping where there was an extortion for money, but where there was a death involved; and the worse murderers were those people who enjoyed killing other people; and, even worse, those who enjoyed torturing people, before they killed them. Clearly that is the ugliest and most dangerous type of inhuman being on the face of the earth!

And there’s my problem; we now have several top candidates for president of the United States who clearly fall into that most horrible class of human beings … those who enjoy hurting people. If a person of that character type gets their finger on the big red button we will reap the biblical whirlwind.


Those may be the infamous words written as the epitaph for our Earth … our species … our democratic system of choosing leaders.

And still there is the wonder?