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We all like to think the world population explosion is under control, and that various things like educating women will solve the problem. I am optimistic about our current population because our technology has been making it possible to support even more people. It appears likely that there will be plenty of food to supply us for this next year.

We are tremendously dependent upon stored energy in the form of coal and oil to supply our farms and economic system with the power to make the food crops grow, and to transport this food to us. However, the price of these stored energy items has been dropping these last few months, and that should mean more abundant food and lower food prices. All of this bounty permits us to eat better and grow healthier, and for us to create more babies. Those extra people will consume more food, but we now have it.

There is a new genetic technique called CRISPR that is proving its ability to modify DNA in ways that will permit much more food to be created with less energy input, and less water. That bodes well for an increase in population for perhaps another ten or twenty years. At some point, with exponentially increasing population, the trend must come into balance with a food supply that is no longer increasing. Fortunately that time is not now, but when that time comes we must act appropriately.

The human population at 06 February 2016 9:30 PM PST

The human population at 06 February 2016 9:30 PM PST

For your comparison here is the up-to-the-second current world population from World of Meters.

Life is wonderful now because the Earth is supporting 7.4 billion people.