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The Tuesday morning discussion group has become very popular with some twenty-seven people attending today, even though several regulars were not there. We choose a new facilitator each time to maintain a fresh feeling every time. Today the subject was destiny, what is it, does it even exist, and if it does what does it mean.

I spoke up early with a hard reality stance because it seemed likely that a theme like destiny could go off into a non-productive wilderness of speculations and stories about unexpected weird coincidences. I asserted that in the grand scale of the universe, with something like a hundred billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy, and very approximately a hundred billion galaxies, that would be 10 with 22 zeros after it number of stars. In that sense our personal destiny, even if it exists, is not very impactful to the galactic order of things, and within the grandeur of the universe we are very, very tiny. However, upon this Earth and within this room we do have a significant control and to some important degree a predictable destiny. We live in the now, and we live in the here, and this time and space is ours to relate to and do with as we can.

Within this room our words and actions do have a meaning and a meaningful impact on the other people present. Also, because of our conversation the thoughts that pass between us can, and probably will, have an impact on the people that we encounter in the world around us. Also, if we choose to enter a public arena it is possible for us as individuals to have an impact upon the greater society and world around us.

There was an element of magical thinking that came into the conversation in the form of a belief that the world will give us what we need to hear when we need to hear it, and what we need to see when we need to see it, and what we need to know when the time is right to know it. But, as I understand that sentiment it is more driven by the habits that generate where we are looking, listening and choosing to understand. After these things come into our consciousness there is a feeling of rightness, and if you are inclined to believe it, of predestination.

Most of the life we will live will be driven by the paths we choose to follow, and each of those paths has a built-in destiny that we can look along before we go.