You do not need maps when walking about your home;
You do not need notebooks when chatting about your daily life;
You do not need your fingers when adding one plus one.
A common thought will not be forgotten, and
An obvious secret need not be hidden; yet
Everything may be secure.

When holding to your enlightenment,
You are always good to things,
For things are incapable of violating their nature, and
You are always good to people, for
People are incapable of violating their nature.

Follow the footsteps of those on the path, and
Avoid the wanderings of those not on the path.
Love the sages’ findings, and
Appreciate the failures’ wanderings.
If you do not do both, you will go far astray.
Even if you are stuffed with directions,
Still, you will be hopelessly lost.
Follow this method and you will find the way.