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Dictionary of New Epigrams


Don’t bother to travel to distant tropical paradises searching for happiness; it’s mostly to be found within you when you find a worthwhile goal you can approach.

If you can’t find happiness within yourself, help others find it within themselves; it’s a learning experience with a karmic feedback.

You help others to be happy by helping them feel good about themselves and what they are doing.

A fool seeks happiness in his mouth, but the wise one finds it in the productive acts of his hands.

Happiness is not a remembered thing, but an ongoing living experience.

Tranquility is a state of continuing happiness.

At every moment of life we can choose paths that will bring us to happiness or other states, and it’s our choice which paths we choose.

Possessions do not bring happiness, it is our relationship with them.

More possessions are not happiness if they are just an unused pile of unneeded stuff.

Living out your childhood goals is wonderful, if you were a very wise child. A mature person may create more mature goals for themselves.

Struggling to get to your goal always has a tinge of happiness, even when painful.

Happiness is found in doing things you believe are worthwhile.

We must be doing something we know to be important to be happy.

The quality of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts, and happiness or suffering are a result of your earlier thoughts.

Avoid unhappiness by not struggling to get something that is impossible to possess.

The person who has all of the good things that life has to offer has only one option left to increase his happiness, and that is to help all the people of the world to be happier.

You can be happy if you are healthy, own what you use, are not in debt to anyone, and have a little slack and flexibility in all things.

Participation in adaptation to one’s environment is the short-term struggle for life, and DNA is adaptation to the long-term processes of life. In that view survival is happiness, or at a minimum it is a chance for happiness.

It is when a man is in his expansive moods that he is really living, because it’s then that he can explore his options.

Every person seeks their own happiness in their own way and by their own methods.

Don’t mistake physical pleasure for emotional happiness and mental maturity.

You must choose what it is that makes your life more meaningful than just existing and having a good time.

Create happiness for others and enjoy the karmic feedback.

Practice accepting happiness when it comes your way.

If you have a worthwhile goal and enough time and money to pursue it well, you have an opportunity to improve the world and make more people happy.

Without a worthwhile goal and appreciation of others a man will sink into an adolescent neurosis.

When you have the necessities help the rest of humanity to have these things too.

You have as much right to be happy as the stars have the right to shine.

You are happiest when you are growing toward greater maturity.

As a living human being you may believe in perfect happiness in heaven.

The happiest people are those who know they are helping humanity to be happier.

Each one of a multitude of small tasks well done will bring as much happiness as a big one well done. There are lots of little tasks and they are easy to find, but big ones are difficult in every way.

The easiest way to soften our troubles is to help any of the multitudes of others cope with their troubles.

Having nothing to do is a form of suffering and of punishment.

Happiness is in the pursuit of a worthwhile goal, and contentment is in achieving it.

Most people need only be moderate in their behavior to be happy and find tranquility.

Enthusiasm in the pursuit of something is a certain sign of a happy person.

Enthusiasm and happiness are felt during the pursuit of a worthwhile goal, and contentment is to be had when about to fall asleep.

Enthusiasm is the fireworks, happiness is the sparkle, contentment is the glow.

When a person is happy they can pursue their options; when depressed they have no options.

The continual happiness of a sage is made possible by his habit of relishing everything.