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Over the gates of hell reportedly there is a sign – “Abandon all hope ye who enter here!” It would seem to a thoughtful person that to be standing before the gates of Hell means that at least once in their life, and probably many times, they came to a moral situation where there was a clear vision that to proceed with what they were about to do … to proceed along the path they were on … to pass through the gate they stood before … there was a sign, a clear bold sign written in huge letters, “DO NOT ENTER” — and yet they proceeded.

The problem is that once a person makes that choice … to enter when there are clear warnings not to do so, sets a pattern to do it again … and yet again … and yet again … and thus at long last because of the constant habit of doing what they clearly shouldn’t do, they now stand before that final sign, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

In the end as at the beginning it is better to heed the words – “DO NOT ENTER.