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This blog has been a constant struggle for me because I look for universal problems that I can explore and discover plausible solutions. Sometimes I approach what to everyone would seem a problem so strange and impossible to resolve that any reasonable person would avoid it. Such as last week’s Moving our sentient life into the Universe. #2, and yet there does seem to be a way and that blog pursues it. The next day I wrote, How do you know that? ???, which challenged a major personality’s TED Talk. A few days before there was How to mature from Infantile to Sage and beyond, which will offend almost everyone because few people have advanced willingly very far beyond forced adulthood.

A fundamental tenet of a wise person should be to never offend anyone, especially the majority of people. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, so to categorize the majority of humanity as having an adolescent life strategy would seem the height of foolishness. But, I would suggest, the whole point of presenting the method of personal growth developed in that blog and its links is to show the path forward to a happier and more rewarding life for individuals and for human society. How to be a more mature person and kinder to our fellow human beings is an important set of ideas and a worthy goal for all of us, and those blog posts show us the way.

The great problem with finding the universal problems is that we are wholly immersed within them, like we are absolutely immersed within the Universe and everything we can see, think, or do is still within it. We feel and are, in our perceptions, at the center of the Universe, so everything appears to be related to our needs. So, where do we go from here when we are already at the center of everything that is significant? I posted quite a few ideas under the search term Unknown Unknowns. Sometimes we must go Seeking the unknown unknowns behind obscuring things, because some things are inherently invisible and sometimes there is intentional crypsis (camouflage).

So to find universal problems we must intentionally choose to search for them because we are so immersed within them that they are invisible behind multiple layers of obscurity. To find the universal problems we must:

Look for universal problems!