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To watch the world go by it becomes clear that humans live on promises, and the delivery on the promises is quite modest, only enough real delivery of goods to make the person feel good for a few moments. After that they soon become distracted by new promises and are only detoured from buying into those promises by the threat of not being able to pay their contractual obligations created by buying into the previous fantasy. According to a Pew Report 80% of Americans are in debt, with the average being $67,900. This means that most people are slaves, in the sense that they must keep paying a credit provider to keep living as they do, or be punished. Perhaps they won’t become galley slaves, but they are compelled to row away at something they would rather not be doing.

The whole thing is an absurdity because they’re buying with money they don’t have to get things that they usually don’t really need. They are buying a short-term fantasy pleasure that is fabricated out of absurd promises that it will give them real pleasure. But the pleasure they do get is at the cost of money they would really have if they bought the item used, and waited until they had the money to buy the new item for cash. The people who do that simple thing are, in a couple of years, totally out of debt and living at a higher level than they would have been, and they are living that way for the rest of their lives.

Debt is slavery, and it is created by people buying absurd promises. The system promises to give you everything you want now, but in fact it deprives you of everything you might actually possess for the rest of your life. Freedom from debt is freedom from one of the biggest sources of anxiety.

Those who are pretending to promise you everything are in fact liars who are luring you into a trap of permanent debt to them. They are functionally legally robbing you of your money for the rest of your life. The more debt you accept the more slavery you are accepting for yourself and those dependent on you, and the deeper you slide into the slave class. The American middle class is at the moment being drained away into slavery, and the only way you have out of slavery is to join the upper class. And what is the upper class? It is those people who are debt free, and have enough money in the system to survive comfortably. Beyond that minimal level more money is status and power, but exercising those options becomes a form of slavery to the money, and that can become just as demanding as debt slavery.

The middle way is freedom from too little money or too much money.