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Ebola outbreak ends, almost.

This logarithmic chart updates the cases and deaths from the West Africa Ebola outbreak to February 3, 2016, and compares them to major historical wars and epidemics. – Click for bigger image.


The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is almost over, and has been declared over in some areas by the current World Health Organization (WHO) situation report. Unfortunately, when inspecting deceased people who didn’t enter a hospital, and weren’t tested for Ebola, there is the possibility that they died of the disease. This happened this month when a twenty-two-year-old woman died on 12 January at her family home in the town of Magburaka, Tonkolili district of Sierra Leone, and received an unsafe burial. There had been over 150 contacts with her before and after she died. Those most at risk have voluntarily entered an isolation hospital for twenty-one days, which is considered the maximum incubation period for Ebola. They will probably be given the vaccines and other experimental drugs that have been developed specifically for fighting Ebola, and the secondary contacts will be given the vaccines.

Diseases are not over until every virus is gone, but it is impossible to find and eliminate them because they can live permanently in unknown wild animals without killing them. Also, these living things can evolve into human diseases from otherwise benign things.

We live in a dynamic and chaotic situation where every living thing is seeking food, and every other living thing is potentially a source of food, including YOU.